The Dream Team

When you jump into the world of Network Marketing (aka Social Marketing, aka Direct Selling, aka Multi Level Marketing, aka One Of Those Things), it’s usually alone and surrounded by skepticism. It rarely involves the support of friends and family, and so you have to learn very quickly to believe in yourself and your company. You keep believing when no one else does and then something magical happens. You meet someone who wants more out of life. And they see the belief in your eyes and hear the belief in your voice and they suddenly believe in themselves and they decide they want more too, and they join you. It’s meaningful. Its purposeful. It’s genius. It’s for everyone and anyone who wants it. These three ladies comprise just one of my “dream teams”. They’re the OG! The first ones to jump in with me and start building. We’ve grown together as women, as entrepreneurs, and as friends. I couldn’t imagine life without them and I have “One of Those Things” to thank.

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