The Hiker

Total amateur. An amateur with heart though! I love a good hike anywhere, but it always seems spur of the moment. Never anything planned or coordinated. So we end up with ruined tennis shoes and crazy blisters. Nevertheless we hike on and one of these days I will get us the right gear and a game plan for some even more extraordinary hikes.

One of our best hikes to date was at the Grand Canyon. As usual, no planning went into this other than filling our camelbak’s with water and slathering on sunblock. Our thought was to get to the 6 mile marker…halfway to the bottom of the canyon and then hike back up. We made it just short of the 4 mile mark before turning back in defeat and barely making it out of the canyon before dusk. Not to worry we will attempt this hike again and many more in the Canyon in the years to come.

<Grand Canyon 2014>

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