My passion. I’ve been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. I’ve had many failed businesses and I just can’t get enough. I just love trying to build a successful business!

Failure never bothered me, I’m just lucky that way. I think I’ve failed so much in my life that it doesn’t seem like anything to me anymore.

One of the first businesses I owned was a stuffed animal hospital. I think I was seven at the time. I offered my services of patching up stuffed animals to my friends. I ended up with zero clients, but all my stuffed animals got mended and cared for during their hospital stay in a rolling cart I kept in my closet.

Then there was the orange business, where I asked my neighbor if I could have the oranges off her tree because I noticed she just let them fall and rot on the ground. She said yes. I would pick the ripe ones and bag them up in half dozen and dozen bags and pile them into my brother’s Red Ryder wagon and go door to door to the neighbors. That went well for a week or so until the neighbors had enough.

Shortly after, I was reading one of my mom’s Bon Apetit magazines and saw a recipe for donuts. So I took orders from the neighbors and promised freshly baked donuts before work in the morning. Again, this went on for about a week before the neighbors and my mom got tired of my early mornings and single flavor donut peddling.

On and on the ventures go. All failures. Fun failures! I genuinely loved every single one. Call me crazy. Until a year ago when I signed on for my 6th network marketing business. I finally struck gold! I guess it goes to show even a professional amateur can be a pro at something. My dream of owning a successful business has finally come true!

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