The Author

Hello. My name is Erica and I am the author of this blog. I am a professional amateur, so please do not expect a whole lot of great writing even though I am now an author. As a professional amateur, I have no intention of improving my writing skills nor am I intent on trying to become a “professional” author. I’m basically going to word barf some random information about various things I do in my life in my attempt to become an expert at something before I die.

Why do I call myself a professional amateur? Well, it’s a nice way of saying I’m a quitter, or as I prefer to be labeled, “a trier of new things.” It’s also a clever way of saying I am an excellent starter. I am filled with an endless stream of great ideas and don’t even get me started on my potential, but so far in four-plus decades of living, nothing has really come of anything I’ve started other than a pretty interesting life filled with some pretty cool adventures.

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